The YourLawFriend Competition

[The competition is currently scheduled for November 2018]. The YourLawFriend competition is open to all members on the site. We issue 4 awards: 3 Student Awards and 1 Overall Award.

Student Awards

£200.00 to the Top 1st Year Student

£200.00 to the top 2nd Year Student

£200.00 to the top 3rd Year Student

Overall Award

£1,000.00 to the overall winner. The overall winner is the student or non-student with the most points overall. The top 30 members will be issued with certificates.

Upon joining YourLawFriend, members are placed in a League Table. The competition requires members to accumulate points and move up the league table. At the end of the competition, the members finishing in 1st place will receive the above awards.

Members can accumulate points in three ways:

i. By taking the Student Test

ii. By making applications to the Supervisor

iii. By advising the Client

i. Student Tests

During the competition we will post a set of questions on the website.

These questions will be in the form of a multiple-choice quiz and will focus on core legal subject areas.

During the competition, members will log into the website, review the test questions, and select the answers that they believe to be most correct. Members will receive points based on the accuracy of their selection.

Please watch the video below for a demonstration of how this works:


ii. Making applications to the Supervisor

Throughout the competition, online clients will be posting fictional problem cases for members to advise on.

When a member wishes to advise a client, the member will need to make an application to one of our supervisors. Within the application, the member will need to demonstrate that he has ample understanding of the client's legal issue.

The supervisor will then review all member applications, and select one member to work with the client.

Members will receive points from the supervisor based on the strength of their application. Where the supervisor is impressed with the member's application he will score them highly. If the supervisor is unimpressed then he has the power to subtract points from the member's score.


iii. Advising the Client

The member who submits the strongest application (as determined by the supervisor) will proceed to advise the client with his fictional legal issue. Both the client and the member will interact with each other via the website. The member will work independently, helping and advising the client with his issue.When the case concludes, the client will award the member with points based on performance.

Please watch the video below for a demonstration of how this works:

Not just a Competition, we're a Community. Here's why we think you should join us:


If you find yourself struggling with a case or legal principle, then our 'Teach & Learn' Area could help. Here you can post questions within our forum and receive support with any problems you're experiencing. It's great for members who are looking to deepen their understanding, as well as members looking for additional support as they study.


We believe that teaching forms an important part of the learning process. When you teach and explain something to another person you're actually increasing your own understanding.

Once a month, our system randomly selects a helpful member from the community and issues them with a virtual gift card.

In addition, we allow our members to nominate other helpful members to receive an award at the end of the academic year.

*We provide all active community members with a short CV statement. The statement explains that you are part of a progressive Teach to Learn Community. The statement signals to employers that you are an active learner, and we happily support you with a formal reference on request.


The competition will be fun. The winners will be able to brag to his or her peers for at least thirty-four days [minimum]. More importantly, winning a national competition will look 'fantastic' on your CV.

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